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A combination of the word pedophile and noona (a Korean word referring to an older girl), a pedonoona is an older woman or girl who is interested in a young male idol in an inappropriate and sexual way.
Woman: I just saw Teen Top's "No More Perfume" video, I think I'm officially a pedonoona now. I could ignore it when it was just Taemin, but Niel's only SIXTEEN!
by candycakies July 30, 2011
Noun, Plural
Singular -> Pedonoona

A combination of the words noona and pedophile.
Refers to older, female persons that likes SHINee's jailbait member, taemin in a pedophile-like way.
Taemin: -lifts shirt up-
Older, female fans in the crowd: -SQUEAL-
Taemin: oh pedonoonas....
by Red Bean Bun December 19, 2010

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