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A person who is such a wiener that they play games like ultimate frisby and raise money for charity, thinking this will lead to popularity. In actuality, they just become friends with other peckins. They are often seen in packs, creating what is known as a clusterpeckins, to protect their weak social standing and in the hope they can group together to form an average guy, they are also scared by the sight of females. They are often seen wearing sports trainers on nights out, ankle biter jeans, clothes from the 80's, fleeces that are too big and T-shirts from ASDA.
Max went to catch the frisby, while his dad Elsegood, bought a fleece from cotton traders, which was too big for him. In a father-son clusterpeckins.

This guy was wearing a real baggy fleece and had scuffy sport trainers on, what a peckins.
by DrElsegood October 17, 2010
Someone who rides a motorcycle, wears leather, is overweight and usually has a big beard.
That peckin looks pretty hardcore.
by Anonymouz1241 November 27, 2007
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