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A small pig inhabiting the area between North America and South America with a particularly intuitive concept of calendar years
lets eats the shit out a some o that Peccary meats, yuns!!!
by Jason January 08, 2004
An older man who tries to date young women. Most peccaries have beer bellies, receding hairlines/comb-overs (or visible hair plugs), liver spots, and bad knees. A common peccary habit is brandishing a platinum Visa or a sucker's wad of cash (one $50 on the outside, while the rest of the padding is strictly ones). Peccaries often can't hold their liquor and bellow out "I'm a parrot head!" when a Jimmy Buffet song comes on. Don't believe any peccary's story about "doing blow with the Eagles in '78."
Peccary success is rare but more famous ones include Larry King, Phil Spector, Billy Joel and Michael Douglas
by FrancineR September 19, 2009
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