A farm worker, usually poor. The most common type of person in a pre-industrial society (usually 66 to 95%), and of the lowest class.

Peasants were/are typically small farmers, tenant farmers, sharecroppers, farmhands, and laborers and invariably rural, living in villages and tending land which is practically theirs but officially belongs to the wealthy.

Usually an insult for dirty, uncouth, unsophisticated people of low status.

Peasants stereotypically have virtually no education, nonexistent hygiene, are conservative, and have almost no rights, despite that their work requires careful planning and that they are not averse to protests.
The peasant woman, her three daughters, and her husband's many kinswomen tended the garden and the livestock while their menfolk toiled in the fields. They had little option but either work until their backs gave out or starve, plus they had to pay heavy taxes for the rich.
by Lorelili November 07, 2010
A serf with the freedom of choice to work or die of starvation.
The peasantry has been replaced by the working classes and shit welfare systems.
by kung-fu jesus September 18, 2004
A wayward serf. The lowest of the low.
Princess Gwen wouldn't let Peter carry her across the mud because he was a lowly little peasant.
by silhouettesandfiguresstay January 01, 2013
A loaded Fairfield county teenage high schooler obsessed with school spirit, dressing like a tomboy, social status, and popularity, yet in reality, they are just another basic peasant.
Peasant #1: "Hey Colleen, you going to the lax game tonight? There's a party at John's house after!"
Peasant #2: "You bet!! Turn down for what?!"
by StopThePeasants2014 February 27, 2014
Everyone that Mitt Romney doesn't worry about.
Mitt: There are 47 percent of the American people who... who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... My job is not to worry about those people.

The Rich: Yeah! Fuck the peasants!
by xdan4deadx September 23, 2012
A derogatory term used by elitist PC gamers (or "PC Master Race") to describe console gamers (or "Console Peasants"). Use of this term is often frowned upon by console gamers and kinder PC gamers.
Elitist PC Gamer: Ha! Enjoy your 30 FPS and 780p, console peasants!
by Ekoserin June 28, 2015
A person who is inferior to another in a certain area of skill, usu. humorous
You get stage fright? Peasant!
by Supernova888 December 14, 2014
The name that you give to that one friend who acts all posh but is actually living the peasant life
"OMG did you see Jessica the other day. She is such a peasant"

She didn't choose the peasant life, the peasant life chose her.
by NotThisBitchAgain September 15, 2014

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