When a female is giving a male head she quietly and unexpectedly licks her index finger and shoves it up the males rectum. ITs a horrible, unfortunate event that the male could have seen coming, had he took the whole picture into perspective.
Kevin screamed in anquish after Misty gave him a pearl harbor.
by joshgreenrules January 10, 2006
While taking a dump many balls of shit hit the water at random times.
You can really feel the splash on your bumhole when you have a pearl harbor
by Jyles LeBoeuf December 29, 2005
1; Where America lost her "Virginity"
2; Also could mean, Death while you sleep.
3; The lose of 2,403 American Warriors Lives, while Honoring their "Country & Flag"
4; Where 2 Honorable men where made "Scapegoats" for others blame.
5; Alawys learn from others mistakes.
Garden of Edan & Hororable Memories
by Bernie Russo December 07, 2003
The state of a lady's gusset area after a gangbang!
Oh I'm sure you can find pictures with a quick web search.
by eddie23 August 06, 2003
The pool like area of a woman strategically nestled between the collar bones and under the adams apple where you deploy your "seamen" after a glorioustitty fuck and it accumulates in the area resembling a pearl like harbor.
I titty fucked Suzy last night and filled her Pearl harbor until it overflowed. It was a glorious moment!
by Headmonger December 07, 2011
The act of shitting a floater, then sinking that floating shit with smaller, heavier shits
Nick: What kind of shit did you just have?

Rob: Pearl Harbor!

Nick: I wish I could have see that.
by robiohead February 28, 2011
In reference to a toilet. Due to the fact that most toilets are white like pearls. Also hinting toward the fact that harbors are surrounded by water meanwhile toilets are filled with water.
Example 1. "Dude, I just docked an aircraft carrier in Pearl Harbor."

Example 2. "OMG! I need to get to the bathroom soon, the Japanese are about to bomb Pearl Harbor!"
by Lucarion February 26, 2011

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