While taking a dump many balls of shit hit the water at random times.
You can really feel the splash on your bumhole when you have a pearl harbor
by Jyles LeBoeuf December 29, 2005
after having sex with you partner doggy style, spit on her back, your partner, thinking you have ejaculated, turns around while you then shoot your wad on her face, thus giving her a lazy eye.
Sara was pissed at John when he gave her a pearl harbor
by Burt Reynolds234 June 22, 2005
When you jump someone from behind to start a fight, which is an allusion to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This term was made famous by legendary WWE Commentator, Gorilla Monsoon.
Holy smokes! King Kong Bundy just did a Pearl Harbor job on Hulk Hogan!
by D. Arse March 01, 2005
When you're having intercourse in the vaginal region with a female and you "pull out" and quickly shove it in her anal cavity and continue with rough butt sex.
Good 'ol was fuckin' dem bitches down by da water and gave his bitch a Pearl Harbor
by Brad November 21, 2004
Military attack by the Japanese sinking most the U.S. naval fleet killing many and granting a two way ticket for the Americans.
Yes, yes the U.S. "mysteriously" withdrew their Aircraft Cariers for "maneuvers" a day before the attack.
While having sex with your partner, withdraw seconds before ejaculating. Run to the nearest person(roomate, sibling, parent, child), and unload on said person, resulting in an unexpected bombing.
Jarrod was so bored while trying to please his woman that he decided to perform a Pearl Harbor on her 4 year old daughter.
by Moranzo Llamas August 29, 2003
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