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A Hawaiian-style pizza with Jalapenos.
Customer: I'll have a large Pearl Harbor.
Employee: A what?
Customer: A large pizza with ham, pineapple, and jalapenos.
by Lurr Rrul January 19, 2012
When and Asian man is receiving a blow job from an American girl who is seated on the edge of a pool. Upon cumming, the man punches the girl in the face, who falls in the water. The Asian then yells " I sank your battleship " and gets the fuck out of there.
Girl: Hey becky, what happened to your face?
Becky: Ming Ming gave me a Pearl Harbor
Girl: That's a surprise
Becky: Screw off!
by Are you Serious Bro July 19, 2010
An mixed alcoholic beverage consisting of

1) Beer mug filled 2/3 full of cheap US beer.

1) Shot glass filled with sake.

Bomb the sake into the beer and chug. The ensuing disgust and humiliation will encourage the individual to join the nearest fight.
Hey bro, there is a fight behind the bar. Lets do a couple pearl harbors and get involved.
by Spencurai May 14, 2010
While performing the 69, the male casually spits on the girl's back. Thinking he has ejaculated the girl turns around to see the damage, the male busts his load into her unexpecting face. A sneaky yet comical sneak attack.
Charles: I Pearl Harbored Emily last night, you owe me $20!
by Sarah Palin 69s October 08, 2009
The act of laying down and someone blowing the hell out of you.
After a long day of work, Joe asked his wife Margaret to play a game of Pearl Harbor.
by 31Mess July 31, 2009
When you are in bed with someone and they are asleep, jack off and cum on their face. It is a total sneak attack.
Dude I did the pearl Harbor last night!
by surfpez July 07, 2009
when 2 people are having sex in the bath, and 1 hires a japanese woman to come in and take a shit on the other, and run out.
whilst mary was having sex with angel in her 3x3 shower, hiroki comes in and performs a pearl harbor, unbeknownst to mary.
by billseph mcdougal March 23, 2008