A war that was completely seperate from world war two.
"Oohhh i thought that was a whole different war!"
by Jo' Mama May 16, 2003
Top Definition
When three or more United States Marines gangbang a Japanese chick.
GENERAL: Private VanHorn, why the fuck are you late to formation?
PRIVATE: Sorry sir! Major Propnuts, Captain Silverbars and I were giving Hiroki a Pearl Harbor until 4AM!
GENERAL: Carry on, Private.
by Mustache Cano March 17, 2010
When you are home alone intentionally being anti- social, enjoying alone time most likely masturbating excessivley or scarfing down family size doritos and binge watching netflix with your phone off or just completley ignoring the outside world... Of course this level of euphoric living is always interrupted by obnoxious friends who just show up uninvited and change the outcome of your day. Its a hardcore sneak attack when you are least expecting it and has dramatic impact on your quality of life hence "pearl harbor".
Yea so i was watching the best porno on my new 70 inch in hd yesterday afternoon and mark totally pearl harbored me. Couldnt finish after that n was left with blue balls for the rest of the day. Brutal

"Yo dude u cant just be pearl harboring me like that, thats fucked up"
by Wutsgood33 June 02, 2016
The sexual act whereby you fuck her in the ass when she's asleep.
I Pearl Harbored my girlfriend last night.
by OhNoNotMyRealName June 16, 2011
A blow job, usually referred to in a joke between friends. i.e. Wanna play Pearl Harbor? It's where I lay down and you blow the hell outta me!
We went into the back room and played Pearl Harbor.
by Requiem2005 June 28, 2004
When you take your girl out to a fancy Japanese restaurant to eat, and after you pay, ask for extra wasabi to take home. You then proceed to arrive home and begin making love.

Before going doggy-style with her, you put on a vintage Japanese flag headband, as you begin to rub the wasabi onto your pecker. As you put it in her pooper, you shout out "BONZAI!" as she replies by screaming out "KAMIKAZI!" from the surprise attack you have dropped on her butthole.

Its called a Pearl Harbor because it is a Japanese surprise attack on a place you'd never expect.
Avon: So are we going back to your place? I'm so full from the sushi.
Nicollette: You're not gonna give me another Pearl Harbor are you? :(
Avon: Well .. maybe if you play your cards right.
by t-steezy. May 14, 2009
thats where a guy lays back and the girl blows the hell out of him
no example needed for this action
by cheese on toast May 02, 2005
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