Reaction to something that's so confusing, random, insane, or hilarious that all you can do is say "LOL, what?!" Refers to the pear. Often used in chat/IRC/social networking sites/blogs when sharing a link to a crazy website with your friends, or used in reaction to a crazy website someone has shared with you.
JD: *pear* catonfire.jpg

Molly: Is this guy drunk or just crazy? crotch_on_fire.avi
Jen: *pear*
by AzureLunatic May 05, 2007
not the fruit, but someone of the male gender who annoys you and has hips(love handles) that are wider than his shoulders. can also be refered to with someone who is obsessed with other peoples dick size, but never admits to being gay and having a boyfriend.
justin and cliff are pears.
by the ultimate secret January 18, 2007
n. A fellow student or peer.

plural: Pears
Brittany has been socially accepted by her pears.
by Full Metal Alastair July 19, 2008
fruit-like person, typically female, who prefers the affection from that of the same gender.
The girls brainstormed on the prefered orientation of fruit and discovered pears are typically of the lesbian persuasion.
by jema goose-on February 21, 2007
a female who looks a lot like a pear and has big love handles,if u are a pear that does mean u are fatif u are walking down perhaps a hallway and someone yells pear u may assume it is towards u but u also just might be selfcenterd and have a low self confidence cause u know u look like a pear, pears should be ready for the day that someone might stuff their locker full of telephone book papers or choke slam them.. all pears are cunts
dezzire, knight
wow look at that pear,i hate pears
by fuck pears April 01, 2008

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