A medival torture device shoved in a womans vagina. There is a crank at the end every time it its cranked the pear extends ripping the uterus. Very, very effective!
I got in an argument with my girl and I settled it with my good old pear!
by The Reaganator January 30, 2009
A woman's anus
stick it in my pear
by combover_larry January 12, 2009
The word 'pear' is a synonym/euphemism of the word 'penis.' This is evident in the fact that the word 'pear' is actually an acronym for 'PENISES in EARS ARE REALLY weird.'
Also, when analyzing and pondering upon the shape of a penis in tandem with the two testicles, one beholds a shape that is very similar to a pear's.
In addition, one can derive the word 'pear' from the popular breakfast chain, 'Panera Bread'. As is readily available to one's vision, the word 'Panera' is no more then a scrambled version of the words 'Pear n a.' BreaD, then, can be found to translate into 'beavir', as the v tilted sideways crossed by the 'i' makes a 'D'. In this case, we then have 'Pear n a Beavir'.
'Dogg, your pear was as big as mine when I was a baby'
"Nah, son, my pear was as big as YOU when you were a baby"
'Damn, son, that's like a 8-pound pear.....'
by pear-man July 22, 2008
It is a common name for small Asian girl usually with British accent. A Pear loves everything that is British-related. A Pear tends to be very organized and always has her life planned ahead on her Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. A usual Pear is very smart and hygienic only for her belongings. A pear goes sleep with shoes and socks on if it is not her own bed. However, conclusively, A Pear is such a very lovely person who wants everybody gathering around and spending quality time together.
A: Hi, my name is Pear
B: Hiii!, nice to meet you Par,

A: No.....!!!! My name is Pear- P- E-A-R - - PEAR, it's a kind of fruit.
B: WOW that's really cool! your name is so interesting! By the way, do you have Australian accent? . .. .
A: . . . .(I'm so gutted)
by jackfruitlovelovecherry December 05, 2011
Often used within the web series S.A.N.A.
Scott i need a distraction .... *Pear*~!
by Jaison-San February 15, 2010
1. a woman with a pear shaped body including large breasts and a squishy waist and hips. a pear's personality is soothing but not overly sweet.

2. a fruit that comes from a pear tree
1, my girlfriend is such a pear.

2. you are just a silly pear
by sexymommasexerupper May 12, 2009
Reaction to something that's so confusing, random, insane, or hilarious that all you can do is say "LOL, what?!" Refers to the lolwut.com pear. Often used in chat/IRC/social networking sites/blogs when sharing a link to a crazy website with your friends, or used in reaction to a crazy website someone has shared with you.
JD: *pear* catonfire.jpg

Molly: Is this guy drunk or just crazy? crotch_on_fire.avi
Jen: *pear*
by AzureLunatic May 05, 2007

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