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Those who "stick" together and won't seperate in fear of social inferiority; those who require social acceptance so much they will change themselves dramatically (conformers, unindividuals)
Those girls over there are peanut brittle; do you see how they can't even go to the bathroom to fix their makeup by themselves?
by Brittttttttttttttttttany January 06, 2006
This is when a man either:
1. Gets his cock licked and then fucks a girl so hard his cock feels 'fried'
2. Burns his cock during non-sexual activity and then gets a blowjob
1st Girl: Aahhh! Did you see him fuck Sophy! He must have a peanut brittle now!
2nd Girl: I know, right!
by Harry Toba February 03, 2014
When you rub peanut butter on your fingers and then finger a girl
My hands still smell like peanut butter after i me and sally peanut brittled
by Syd Shenk February 01, 2010
When somebody's lips are unbelievably crusty and dry that parts of the lips can be peeled off like an orange, and is so cracked that it gives the appearance of peanut brittle.
"Nigga'd better shut up before your peanut brittle lips start to snow"
by BigBoiBlackie May 22, 2015
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