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When the level of ones anger is so extreme that its off the charts and unable to be put into words or to calm down.
The world cup game just ended in a 1-1 tie and I'm peak'in.
by TV CAR June 21, 2010
when you are so fucked up on ecstacy pills that you feel like your on mount everest.
"Nigga i don't know bout you but I'm peakin."

"Holy shit dude, that blunt got me fucked up..I'm peakin."

"I just threwback a dubanger and I'm PEAKIN dog."

"All I know is that im fuckin peakin."
by ZaP nItSuJ April 18, 2009
An exceptional state of intoxication. Things can't get much more Mark Twain. To whip.
Man I'm peakin'. Fly me to the moon.
by Ravishing Rick Rude October 27, 2006
When you reach the peak of whatever you are doing at the time. Symptoms include constant smiling, sharing the love, and an uncontrollable urge to hug people. Everything feels so nice when you are peakin'.
Look, there's the Norfolk People Peakin' Propa. Wow, it really is the NPPP. Not the PNPPP, its the NPPP! =)
by iechyd da soldier February 09, 2014
Something you think is REALLY good, but others usually don't agree.
'am peakin', 'peakin', 'Fahy's peakin he's been out with Mikey'
by ARMS March 29, 2005
The term peakin defines an event or a party that is highly crowded and very populated.
"Yo man check out that club! That joint is peakin!"

"Omg my joint was peakin last night bro!"
by B to the O March 27, 2009
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