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Bitches love it when you send that shit...
Obamaniqua: He texted me saying "Hey." Wtf...
Watermelondrea: That's lame.

Bon Qui Qui: He texted me saying " Hey :) " AWEE!
Watermelondrea: He got game!
#smiley face #texting #bitches #love #choppin
by BabyGirl7895 January 08, 2012
When a girls skirt is way too short and you can or almost can see vag.
Mostly white girls who are too desperate do this.
Or those white girls who ONLY wear skirts thinking they're cute.

Either way... Their vagina is almost showing ( visible)

So they are definetly pussy peakin'
Mike: Dang bro, look at that dime in that skirt.
Darrel: She looks like a slut... She's Pussy Peakin'

*boys walk past girl*

#peakin #vag #pussy #white girls #visible
by BabyGirl7895 January 08, 2012
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