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Peach Juice is a delicious drink said to be made from peaches. In actuality, it usually contains little to no real juice at all. It's mostly just peach flavour and sugar.

If you have some peach juice, it is imperative that you keep it for yourself, others will want it, and if you give it to one person, you'll need to give it to everyone. Once you have the Peach Juice, it is yours and yours alone.

Giving away peach juice is only to be done if there is some kind of reward in it for you, such as a sandwich or a blowjob.
Person One: I'll make you a sandwich if you give me that peach juice

Person Two: I'll suck you off for that peach juice

Person One: I'll make you a sandwich, let him suck you off, and give you a lap dance for that peach juice.
by Obviously Not Me May 24, 2010
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