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An ass that is perfectly rounded like a peach. It is the kind of ass that David Villa prefers, according to the story "The Airplane Home."
I'd love to drink that sweet nectar out of yo damn peach ass!
by Pintame August 19, 2010

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Nice peachy ass
Me (I have a peachybutt)
by PeachyButt March 19, 2004
peachass-peech-assn an area of the buttocks neer the anal orefest that is oddly covered in small hairs, that resemble peach fuzz
your gay boyfriend has a peach ass
by paul December 04, 2003
an ass that bruises easily
yo dat broad gots mad peach ass, you smack it once and it up and bruises ... sheeeeit
by brendon February 21, 2004