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1. A slang term telling someone good-bye, used with a hand gesture in which you pound your chest with your fist twice, then give the peace sign.
In Napoleon Dynamite, Kip acted cool and told Napoleon: "Peace Out".
by Disco_Bandit February 11, 2006
depending on the context:
1) c ya later
2) fuck off
1) ok, gtg. peace out!
2) peace out, loser (d.)
by ppppp May 01, 2004
1. Goodbye
2. (intransitive verb) to leave or retire
3. (transitive verb) to kill

Note: I only heard the third meaning recently, but I thought it was pretty funny so I've included it.
1. "Yeah, see you then, peace out."
2. "Yo I gotta peace out, I'm tired."
3. "I just peaced out that spider with my shoe."
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
A very informal goodbye greeting; 'see you later'. Sometimes used in an ironic fashion for goodbyes that should be more serious, i.e. the recipient dying, being killed, defeated, or left behind.
Peace out, Holmes. Catch you on the flipside.
by Jeema November 09, 2005
A common misspelling of "peace out." People who are too lazy to hit the space bar use it. Everyone who uses "peaceout" should just peace out.
Loser: i g2g, peaceout Bill.

Me(Bill): Peace out, you fuker! It's peace out!
by Bill Will Bill June 23, 2006
Goodbye. Often a source of confusion among whites from different parts of the U.S.
Indiana Bob: "Mike, did you spec that piece out to .05 inches?"
Mike from NYC: "Damn straight...peace out in da oh-five, bitches!"
by edelweiss January 04, 2005
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