2 definitions by damnGIRL

v. leaving
(used like the word 'bounce')
other forms: peaced out, peace out
She peaced out mad early.

Dude, I'm bout to peace out in a few minutes.

Those kids are peacing out cuz they're lame.
by damnGIRL December 22, 2006
The absolute coolest person you will ever meet. She may be quiet at first and her comebacks might not always be witty, but once you know her you'll realize she is hot (as f***), smart, and just a great person to be around (if you know what I mean). She's exotic and will try anything at least once... Except crystal meth.
Holy fuck! That Lydia Pollard chick is a hottie with a body.

Yeah she's deffinetly a cutie with a bootie.
by Damngirl December 13, 2013

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