Accord, harmony.

(american) War, bombing, killing. See death, violence.
We can bring peace to Iraq by bombing it.

The Iraqi people are not very thankful for the peace our m-16s and b-52s are bringing them.
by swatted April 12, 2005
hugs not drugs, happy not crappy, serene not mean, smile not bile, help not yelp, more dance not war stance, soul not scold, kiss not fist, grin not sin, fuse not lose, mate not hate
achieve world peace!
by Phunkie July 29, 2011
A word that I never have seen a true example of in my life. Thank you George W. Bush and the rest of the goverment of the United States of America for never showing me any acts of peace so far in my life.
" Mom what is peace? I've never seen it before? Have you?"
by Molly January 19, 2004
means healing, rebuilding, kindness, moving forward. She's probably just trying to be kind.
by thecool1111 March 10, 2013
Something that is a fantasy, just like the tooth fairy. There will never be world peace, there is ALWAYS a conflict going on SOMEWHERE. Weather it's a civil war between guerrillas and government in South America or between Germany and France. Peace is NOT natural.
The peacemongers fantasize about something that isn't real and will never happen.....kind of like a child wishing on a star that Big Bird will come to his house and sing the sesame street song with him.
by The Truth January 14, 2005
not giving a fuck about what goes on most of the time
World peace would solve all of the world's problems.
by needsmoreclever October 20, 2010
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