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NOUN: an individual of eccentric tendencies, whose best friend is named Matt, and whose descent is Puerto Rican; one who is confused in matters of sexuality; an extremely proud Puerto Rican; a talented dancer (of Puerto Rican descent); see eric cruz
ADJ: exhibiting characteristics of PMS
VERB: to bloviate about the fallacious cost of an exaggerated amount of text messages
That PePiTo C is soooooooo hottttt!

That kid was soooooooo PePiTo C! He was wayyyyyyy PMS!

OMG! My friends all hate me because I PePiTo Ced at them yesterday.
by Juh yu February 17, 2005

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eric cruz
VERB: To PMS like a sexually confused man/kidney
Don't you dare PePiTo C at me!!!
by Mom February 21, 2005