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Dick sucking
"She gave an excellent blowjob, I cummed all over her face."
by mom December 14, 2003
The Sexiest person alive.
Carmine Gotti Agnello is sexy.
by Mom April 03, 2005
the most beautiful baby in the world.
Your baby is cute, but she's nothing compared to Zaidan.
by mom December 02, 2004
VERB: To PMS like a sexually confused man/kidney
Don't you dare PePiTo C at me!!!
by Mom February 21, 2005
slouchy, one of poor posture, mopey
Her mother told her to not be schluffy when she walked away after she was told she had to go to bed.
by mom March 08, 2005
means "SHUT UP" to people named davis.

OMG WTF....would u just GURP already?!
by mom November 20, 2004
hot dog, more specifically the end of a hot dog that resembles a cat's anus.
Hey Mom, get some of those all beef cat's asses when you go to the store.
by Mom February 04, 2005

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