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Gorgeous persian jews, generally those whom possess large appendages.
Girl A: What he look like?
Girl B: I unno, he was hott though
Girl A: Dang, a Paymon?
Girl B: Fosho
Girl A: Let's go get some Red Lobster
Girl B: Aight den
by SamsoneTheJuice April 17, 2007
You can call someone this when they are a very successful business person, or enjoy business.
Bill gates is a huge paymon!
by arman123123 October 29, 2011
a guy who looks like Paul Pfeifer, from 'The Wonder Years' and likes to play basketball.
Mike: Dude, that guy's a paymon!
Jim: Yeah, haha, where's Kevin Arnold?
by Butthead Arnold February 03, 2010
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