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The furry equivalent of the word awesome.
Fur1: "Hey dude! Look at my new tail! :D"
Fur2: "Haha oh wow, that's PAWSOME! ;3"
by Richard Lanyard July 07, 2010
82 10
Things with paws that are awesomer than awesome.
dude, your cat is hecka pawsome
by Pawsome Man May 12, 2011
7 19
Just like awesome, but it adds that cuteness.
1. Describing a hot piece of ass
2. Describing a gay action
3. Describing a cute video game
1. Jane's got a pawsome pussy.
2. Hot Pockets are pawsome.
3. Nintendogs is pawsome.
by Robert Baker July 19, 2006
22 54
someone you'd like to get your paws all over, one who is fit
Seen that Pussycat Dolls vid?

Yeah, dude, PAWSOME
by Cheryl Lee October 25, 2005
7 47