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When a dog thinks something is awesome. He/she gives his/her seal of approval with his paw. His/her paw is his/her signature. The dog think's it's so awesome that it's Pawesome!

Or anything you are referring to a dog about. If a dog has an awesome tail, it's tail is Pawesome!
"Hey Spot, look at that Bichon Sky, isn't his hair awesome?"
No Muffy, it's PAWESOME!
by Rawfed May 18, 2011
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What domectic oppossums are.
My 'possum is the snuggliest of all my pets. PAWESOME!
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Pissing awesome, a term used by only the cool peoples.
like omguh, she's soo pawesome!!!
by asdfsadffes January 30, 2008
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A mix of "pawnage" and "awesome". Became popular when kids from a small New England town brought the term into the world of videogames. See also: jawsome
Aw thats pawesome newb!
by R i N January 12, 2006
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A conjunction of the phrase "power awesome"; something that is very very very cool.
This chocolate cake is so pawesome!
by A Berrie Good Writer April 04, 2006
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