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Heavy sljivovica drinker with an ego bigger than a big-sized planet. No matter if wasted or sober, he will hit on any life form wearing a skirt, even a Scotchman in a kilt (he's shagged hairier gals anyways, he thinks).

Amazingly enough, females use to find him attractive anyhow, which inflates his self confidence so much that it eventually explodes in a metal roar, creating a wormhole in the time-space tissue that Pterodactylus use for coming to the present time and flying over Papua New Guinea.

This sort of Neanderthal uses to call women "vagina bearers", and is often a desired prey for cougars.
-"Cmon woman! Go to the kitchen and make me a damm sammich!"
-Geez! do u have to be such a Pavle?

-The guy thinks his shit is spongecake and his wee is Chanel Nº5: he's a real Pavle.

-Karen, have you spotted that gorgeous guy over there? he's as hot as a Pavle!
by The Doctoress August 17, 2010
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A male Serbian name; the Serbian iteration of Paul. Originated from "paulus", meaning "humble" in Latin.
Person 1: Have you met Pavle yet?
by LightoftheMoon February 06, 2010
An uber-pwning super god ninja gamer genius. Also know to speak in an incomprehensible tongue he describes as "l33t5" and incessantly quotes video games and tv.
Dude! This guy got 37-0 in Groundwar deathmatch. He even threw a knife and killed me across the map. He must be a pavle.
by Jesus X Christ October 17, 2010

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