Racist bitch, once again running for office in Queensland.
I call her 'the Catwoman', because of her cat-like eyes and her tendency to throw hissy-fits at the media.
If politicians were smart, they would ban Pauline Hanson from politics forever.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 02, 2009
Top Definition
Former racist bitch leader of the now defunct one nation political party in Australia.
Her views on the racial issue in Australia is not dis-similar to the American view on the those trying to immigrate from Mexico (eg. Those foreign devils are stealing our jobs by taking them for lower wages come by brother we must declare Jihad on the foreign infidels *Direct quote from an american person Jerry Jerrington who was famous for being the only American that weighed less than his house).
Before starting her campaign against the foreign community of Australia she worked at a fish and chip shop.
After it was found out that she had rigged a political election she was given a jail sentence of a number of years.
She has recently been released gone on the crappy TV show "Dancing with the stars" in which she came second. She has aspirations of running the One Nation Party again in time for the 2008 election.
She also likes Neil Diamond.
Pauline Hanson: "Europa kann nicht eher zur Ruhe kommen, bevor die jüdische Frage ausgeräumt ist. Die Welt hat Siedlungsraum genügend, es muß aber endgültig mit der Meinung gebrochen werden, als sei das jüdische Volk vom lieben Gott eben dazu bestimmt, in einem gewissen Prozentsatz Nutznießer am Körper und an der produktiven Arbeit anderer Völker zu sein."

- Pauline Hanson: We need to keep those Asians out of cour country they are taking jobs that we need for our citizens...
No the whole thing is wrong and it stinks and I don't like it
by el ziggó and The PoptartMang January 27, 2007
A tiresome bludger who seems to think the public owe her a living for her moronic, necessarily limited contributions to "national debate"(although she especially tends to "hush up" during the lead up to elections). Now, it appears, a serial loser, (but only just?) tag would satisfy but not our Paulsie (more like a lingering disease/palsy). For chrissakes, she's not even N.S.Welsh! Take a good look at yourselves (6000+ first preferences). Plenty of smart, capable people who aren't just looking for a meal ticket, live here & don't want to live in a society where xenophobia and stupidity is the common denominator...Tony? Rupert??
Stay the f away Pauline Hanson...please! I can disown/disabuse my inlaws who think you care. All the best!!!
by 13RAMONE April 13, 2011

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