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Talented drummer for Glaswegian group Franz Ferdinand. The only member of the band who was actually born in Scotland (Edinburgh), making his accent the hardest to understand, but also the most fun. It has been stated by the man himself that he once sold his arse-fat to medical science because he couldn't be arsed (oh, hahaha) to get a job.

Thankfully he has found a career in dear old Franz!
"That Paul Thompson has really fancy boots"
by SuperPooks February 09, 2006
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Highly underrated, but superior talented rock drumming god of Roxy Music fame. Known universally to true fans as "The Great Paul Thompson", due to his incredible drumming skills and power. A great example of his work can be found on the extended instrumental section of the Roxy Music track "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" from the 1973 album "For Your Pleasure". Paul Thompson underpinned the Roxy Music sound from 1973 - 1980 when he left the group due to 'musical differences' (i.e. Bryan Ferry wanted to take the "Rock" out of Roxy Music and turn out easy listening lounge lizard fare). Ferry saw the error of his ways some time later and Paul has been on the recent tours with the largely original Roxy line-up.
For some great examples of Paul Thompson listen to:

"The Bob"
"Every Dream Home a Heartache"
"She Sells"
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