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Paul Hoffman is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parksas well as the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Capital, Performance, and Partnerships in 2008. He worked under Dick Cheney in the Bush Administration.

He has been mentioned in the media as: "Destroying the National Parks" in the New York Times in an editorials in August 29, 2005, as well as: "Who's Ruining Our National Parks?" in an article in Vanity Fair in June 7, 2006.

Not many peoepl outside of the sphere of the national parks know him or anything about him at all. He has been demonized in some spheres as being the worst thing to have happened to national parks. While not all of what is said out there is accurate it by no means alleviates him of anything.

He is a prideful and arrogant person. He is full of himself and gloats over his vast knowledge. He is very hung up over the past and despite being retired, still participates in the worthless squabble that is local politics in an effort to feel big and important. He currently runs his own blog called "Talk It Up America" in which he still shouts his political opinion for the handful of people that will listen.
Paul D. Hoffman can be compared to Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. Very hung up over his past acheivments and accomplishments. He surrounds himself with cut outs, photos, pictures and other things to remind him of his past and act as a sort of Paul Hoffman museum to the glory that is himself.
by flaming democrat January 31, 2011
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