Lead singer of punk ass sexifyed OMGaaaahhhhh band Fall Out boy

He has side burns that could warm anyone up

He looks like My friend jack *dances*

Example: patrick stump is like so HAAAAAAAAWWWT. When you hear anyone say this (and you will) they are on about the singer from Fall out boy
by *~*Lil.Suicidal.Emo.Kid*~* March 09, 2006
Talented vocalist, guitarist, and music producer of the popular band Fall Out Boy. Kind, shy, smart, and one who likes to avoid attention. Enjoys making music and hanging out with friends...hates photo shoots and interviews. Has legendary sideburns, and his trademarks are his thick, dark black glasses, hats, and those sideburns I mentioned earlier.
Anybody who hates Patrick Stump or Fall Out Boy can go fuck themselves.
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
The hottest, sexiest, cutest, and most lovable guy in Fall Out Boy. He sings the lead vocals for FOB, and also writes the music. Patrick has the HOTTEST sideburns I've ever seen, and is most often wearing a hat. Patrick is a great singer who has also done the back up vocals in a Gym Class Heroes song, Cupids Chokehold.
Patrick Stump Looks HUGGABLE!
by Winde, the great May 28, 2006
Patrick is the most important person in Fall Out Boy, not Pete as far too many people say. Think about it if Patrick decided to leave (God forbid) then they'd need to find a fantastic vocalist, a guitarist, a composer and someone to help produce the album.
Patrick stump is awesome and hot
by Lollyphant May 06, 2007
Lead singer of FOB.
Producer of 'Like Vines' and 'Viva La Cobra'

Loves Prince.
And David Bowie.

Nothing sus.
Lets see you write a slash out of that one!
"I got range, I got range like no mother fucker knows" -Patrick Stump
by KissMySASS! October 27, 2007
1.) The HOT, hat-wearing lead singer of Fall Out Boy
2.) See sexual (:
3.) Best damn singer you'll ever hear who makes you over drool from hotness overload
Me: i love you patrick. You are too sexy for words
Patrick: thanks
Me: hehe
Patrick: hehe
Me: hehe
Patrick: wanna go fuck?
Me: yes!!

Patrick Stump wants to fuck me and I am fine with that!
by Patrick Stump's gf May 24, 2008
Patrick Stump (the leprechaun) is the lead singer from Fall Out Boy with Pete Wentz (werewolf/vampire mix), Andy Hurley (fairy princess), and Joe Trohman (giant from the beanstalk). I get orgasms from listening to him. Some people might say he's fat, but he's normal...just normal. Except there's something about him that makes him unexplainably cute and adorable. I'd like to get in his pants.
Patrick: I am self conscious for some gay reason.
Me: Patrick, let's go make passionate love all night long.
Pete Wentz: Patrick, dude let me put chocolate all over your body then lick it off like I lick my guitar.
Me: Back off you werewolf, he's mine!

Patrick Stump is cute, so cute in fact that I spend every waking moment having sick sexual fantasies about him and Pete Wentz making out. Yeah baby.
by LeprechaunLover February 28, 2007

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