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Original name was Patrick Stumph but took off the "h" so that people can pronounce it properly.

He is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Fall Out Boy and plays Gibson GS Specials. He came from a musical family in Glenview, Illinois. Stump is in charge of writing the music for the band.

He is a good singer, not the best, not the worst. Yes, most people can barely decipher what he's saying but the band is still pretty good. What I cant stand about this band is the fact that the only reason Pete Wentz is the frontman instead of him is because Wentz is more attractive NOT because Stump is shy.
Patrick Stump has sideburns that really scare me.

by <totallyblank> February 14, 2007
The lead singer from the band Fall Out Boy. For most he's not hot in a "man i wanna fuck him" way. he's just unexplainably adorable and cute. Pete Wentz is pretty hot too but he is not as talented as Patrick. Hes just good for staring at and having sexual fantasies.
Patrick: Sugar, you are too hott for words.
Pete: I know dude...so are you.
Patrick: Hehe.
Pete: Hehe.
Patrick: Wanna have sex?
Pete: Sure.
Patrick: Hehe.
Pete: Hehe.

Patrick Stump is gay and that makes him cute!
by HormonesAreRaging March 02, 2007
noun. -gay.
Man, Patrick Stump is gay.
by mcjonesin' June 13, 2010
SUPPOSED to be the main guy in fall out boy,
but pete wentz took that place. so now he's just
kind of there, getting fatter everytime we see him.
1-did you see the fall out boy show tonight?
2-ya i was there! but were was patrick stump?
1-he was singing the whole time right in center stage
2-oh....he's fat...
by lostwithoutyou102 May 07, 2006
patrick stumph

is mine and tegan's and pete wentz's, sings for fall out boy
"i am graces only" says Patrick Stump
by grace March 19, 2005