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1. A Patrick Howell is someone with superhuman libido, capable of satisfying an unbelievable amount of people with near every body part.

2. To have sexual intercourse involving a xylophone.

3. A sex act involving purple sprouting broccoli, a starfish and the Burmese pro democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi.

4. A permanent state of arousal.
Holy shit Linda and Charlie have been at it for 3 days straight, I even heard Linda moaning about Charles earlobe its like they are Patrick Howell's.

Do you want to fuck on the glockenspiel or the xylophone?

"How about the xylophone, I feel in the mood to Patrick Howell".

The administration in Rangoon is authoritarian, its a shame I really wanted to Patrick Howell you.

Dude I popped 15 viagra, im in a Patrick Howell right now
by xylophoneBoy November 30, 2009