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Pating is short for a pathetic person. The term was first used in the suburbs of Oslo and is now a widely used term. It's not quite as offensive as actually telling someone that they're a pathetic person, and is commonly used among friends when they do something stupid or short-minded. Pating may be shortened with a simple "P".
Example one:
To friends are walking down the street when suddenly one of them trips in his own laces.
Friend 1: Haha, you're such a pating!
Friend 2: Gaaaah, I know... I'm nothing more than a P...

Example 2:
You're walking down the street and suddenly see a dude with his pants stuffed in his tennis socks.

"Wow, that's a pating"
by pating April 21, 2010
the sound of the noise it makes when a bullet hits a chinese person in a bullet proof vest
i roll around whalley and shoot that wack chanker and ''paTING'' his ass get up and maul me.
by DaBomb. September 04, 2006

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