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the act of expressing negative, harsh, racist or sexist feelings, reactions or comments toward a situation or comment made by another person.

A person "Pating" is called a "Pater."
John - Damn, she's sexy as hell!
Pater - She's ugly as fuck, she belongs on Girls in Yoga Pants. You can see her cottage cheese thighs! She's nasty.
John - Why you Patin'?

John - Look at that ass!
Pater - Did you see her earrings?
John - Why you Patin'?
by patey_poo January 07, 2012
Patin -(pat-en) V., A french word, meaning "to skate" Also used as a surname of some people, usually of french-creole descent.
"Hello, my name is Leroy Patin"
by thepatin February 03, 2010
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