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The causing or evocation of pity or sympathetic sorrow

(Just as empathy or sympathy corresponds with empathetic or sympathetic, pathy corresponds with pathetic.)
- After failing the test, the aura of pathy that surrounded Frankie was indelible.

- In retrospect, what Anya thought had been extremely dramatic years ago, was now astounding in pathy.
by anyathelinguist January 03, 2011
6 1
Nickname for a pathological liar.
Someone who constantly lies.
Pathy- I was at the soccer game and lightning struck the middle of the field!
Pathy-I swear my best friend fucked Jessica Simpson.. I swear.
Pathy "We had sex"...
Me No you didnt...
Pathy- "well with our clothes on"
by JakeStan July 24, 2008
8 7
short for a nissan pathfinder
i just bought my pathy and i love it
by dboi74 January 12, 2010
1 4
A bigger fuckhead than Trust.
Pathy sucks more!
by Emm Aytch Two May 27, 2004
4 10