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a small village type place in Bristol, by Cribbs Causeway. Patchway is full of mostly poor people chavs and old people. which are all the same thing. most of the inhabitants of Patchway will live and die there, most being born in southmeed hospital, going to Patchway comunity Collage (was Patchway High), getting pregnent/someone pregnent, getting a council house in Patchway, then after having a family of gobbie shites, will die in Patchway. Patchway has everything to cater to the needs of its populus, 3 places to drink, a spar shop, a fire station, a chemists, a doctors, a council housing office, a postoffice (the que's on benifits day are amasing! and also a very large Asda when half the village can get a job.
the number 75 bus can be caught to Patchway.
by missvelika July 12, 2006
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