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when a man starts becomes so pussy wiped his penis fully retracts and replaced with a patch of hair
nick: you heard what happened to dave?

joe: what?

nick:he started going through patching

joe: ouch
by edilla February 08, 2010

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Patching is a game where you elude to the phrase "Cabbage patch kid" in a Facebook comment after a certain person (who looks like a cabbage patch kid) has commented. Started by sktc.co.uk . Look for '/patching' on the site.
Patching: 'Hey kid! Have you played Portal lately? They've released a patch that gets rid of a lot of bugs. Took away that cabbage-green colour that sometimes flashes across the screen.'
by jobo91 May 15, 2011
When your underarm sweat patch is so severe that it cannot be hidden, no matter what you do.
Jason, here is some deodorant bro... You're fucking patching!
by jsb451 December 12, 2013