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Women with large and bulbuose labia.
That chick's pastrami flaps could help stamp out world hunger.
by EH of HB September 03, 2007
11 4
Another term for saggy pussy lips, synonomous with the ever-popular phrase "beef curtains".
Sara had such big pastrami flaps that when she walked they made a clapping sound.
by mikef91 July 21, 2005
45 15
Low term for a womans vaginal lips.
"Damn bitch! Those are some nasty fuckin pastrami flaps!"
by Danno March 21, 2005
22 7
The term used to describe a woman's labia where the outer lips are very dark - nearing purple / black while the inner lips are bright pink. Thus looking just like a slice of Pastrami.
The old bitch had the worst pastrami flaps I've every seen!
by NoFussRuss June 22, 2006
17 13