Top Definition
An asshole from your past.
That pasthole whose homework I did won't stop sleeping with whores.
by tsarichka August 09, 2009
A religious leader, pastor, priest, who is a jerk that really doesn't like people at all!
He's such a Pasthole - he's the only pastor I've ever met who clearly HATES people!
by Kelticgurl September 05, 2009
Someone who constantly lives in the past to the point it seems as if they are incapable of having a conversation without invoking it.
Every time I talk to Joshua, he always brings up going on a trip to Alladin's Castle with John's mom when he was 8 years old. Also how much he loved the shredded lettuce from, the now defunct, Taco Viva. Joshua is such a pasthole.
by brentchie July 02, 2016
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