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A beautiful woman who is the object of every mans desire. She is exotic and perfect in every way. She is at perfect hight and weight and she carries her self like a goddess. Sex symbol. Women are often jealous of a Pascale and assume from her good looks and finess that she is a bitch. Don't let her looks fool you. A female who is a Pascale is drop dead amazing inside and out. Men adore her and will do whatever it takes to be around her. She is worshiped.
A super model could be called a Pascale
Guy 1: look at her! she's getting me hard just watching her walk away! A BLOCK AWAY! I need that woman!

Guy 2: Yep! Thats a Pascale for you! she is untouchable.
Guy 3: She is untouchable unless you got game like me!
by smart_man_33 April 08, 2010
A girl who is drop dead gorgeous
Wow that girl is almost a Pascale!
by Dr. Sexy Tight Pants Poopsy February 15, 2011
The perfect place to keep your weed.

john: where's da koota at?
Penny: In Pascale of course.
by Mia Slut face. September 10, 2008
Used to describe a girl completely infatuated with a guy she can't have. Dreams of him,and breathes to be with him. Will deny any feelings for him,or thoughts,or affiliation of any sort, even though she secretly wants him,all for herself. She tends to build statues of him every once in a while.
Jacky,my biggest fear is to become a Pascale.
by Dictionary of Logic September 14, 2010
A complete whore who steals peoples boyfriends.
Hypocritical in the sense that she/he is obsessive and clingy, yet cheats on their boyfriend all the time. A compulsive liar and a ugly bitch. Attacks younger people to make themselves feel better. Fucks every guy she/he meets and trys to lure guys into clubs by 'forgetting' her ID. Just an ugly bitch in general. An easy target for a 'good time'.
Guy 1: Who's that girl? She's HOT.
Guy 2: Who, her? Oh dude. She's just like a Pascale. Every guy in the district has fucked her.
Girl 1: She fucked my boyfriend.
Girl 2: Mine too.
Boy 3: She fucked my dad.
Boy 4: She fucked my neighbor.
Girl 3: She fucked my dog......
by gigigirl72 March 20, 2010
A cheese puff that's baked on the inside and outside, usually served to negros in time of war.

Comes with a side of vag.


by dylan March 28, 2005

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