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A girl who looks too young for her age; a really cute and adorable girl
Guy: Hey girl with the bright pink cheeks and teddy bear t-shirt!
Girl: Yeah?
Guy: How old are you?
Girl: 19, why?
Guy: Girl, You are so cute. You are so paru!
by Elmo's Number One Fan October 27, 2011
A word used for describing something rugged or down graded. Used highly in New Zealand Maori culture.
He has paru clothes.
by SKAX GOURLAY April 13, 2012
From India, in the northern region.
A lady who is endowed well on the rear end. If you recall the song "I like big butts," the artist of that song originally used this term. "I like Paru's and I cannot lie." It is said that he saw an indian lady with a rather large ass and couldn't forget it. This is what inspired it.
DAMNNNN, that bitch got a big ass, she is a paru!
by a fan of her ass February 09, 2005
1) 5th Symbol in first Tier of magic Found in the game dungeon master nexus. First tier of symbols represent the Power (mana) put into the magic, Looking like: )- it is the 2nd most powerful.
English name: Pal
Source: Sega Saturn Game called Dunegon Master Nexus, Japanese only 1998.
May also be used in in other Japanese release's of Dungeon Master Game serries.
by ParuNexus June 06, 2005
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