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1) 5th Symbol in first Tier of magic Found in the game dungeon master nexus. First tier of symbols represent the Power (mana) put into the magic, Looking like: )- it is the 2nd most powerful.
English name: Pal
Source: Sega Saturn Game called Dunegon Master Nexus, Japanese only 1998.
May also be used in in other Japanese release's of Dungeon Master Game serries.
by ParuNexus June 06, 2005
Computer\console game serries from 1985, ported to over 10 systems a basic pseudo 3d game(like classic Wolfenstine 3d or Doom) but in a D&D setting.
Also title used in 3 of the 5 games relased comerically for the serries.
Dungeon master for the Atari ST, Amiga computer, Dos. Last comerical game in serries: Dungeon Master Nexus a Japanese only true 3d game for Sega Saturn.
Lives on today in projects like Return to Chaos(RTC) and Chaos Strikes back for Windows(CSB4win).
by ParuNexus June 06, 2005

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