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A party site for German-speaking people. You can go there and tell the whole world what funny shit has happened to you during parties. And no one will ever know that this happend to you.
In the style of Failblog and FML but specific for partying.
Dude 1: Tells a lot of funny stories about embarrassing stuff that has happend on parties.

Dude 2: Asks Dude 1 where does he got all this stories from.

Dude 1: "Dude, PartyFlops! Check it out, how that you've never heard of it?!"
by PartyDude March 07, 2011
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kinda like party hopping...when you go to multiple parties in one night and get progressively sloppier with each new party, by the end of the night your shitfaced
Dude which party are you going to tonight?
All..I'm party flopping.
by bluntsrbomb July 10, 2008

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