Police(po-po, 5-0, coppers, pigs...)strippers
Damm the party police sure do their job right
by cartman5000 July 21, 2004
Top Definition
A good time guy that always makes sure the party is kicking, no matter where he goes.
"What do you mean ive a drinking problem?? Im the goddamn party police. Lets get this shit started already..."
by motorfid August 06, 2009
a nagging wife/girlfriend that doesn't allow others to have a good time because she doesn't want to be there.
Whoa step back, put your beer down and don't have any fun. Officer Shiloh just got here with the party police.
by McBAMF March 05, 2009
The party police party punch those without party cards.
You don't have your party cards? The party police are going to party punch you.
by Party_Police-1 May 19, 2003
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