Something you say at a party that you have no intention of keeping, especially if you will probably never see the person again. Similar to a "little white lie."
"I promise I'll pull out in time"

"No, that's no a roofiecolada"
by kyle the ninja April 23, 2005
Top Definition
Party promises are those "plans" you make at the end of social gatherings where one, if not both, promisers never actually intend on following through.
"Dude, we should totally grab coffee sometime soon!"

"Yea, totally!"

(one or both thinking: "this coffee date will never happen, but I can stop talking to them now")
by partee February 24, 2005
definition - a brand of instant coffee
background - cheap, powdered "coffee"
" oh, i don't want to give this coffee
party - it's gonna cost the earth. never
mind, i'll give them Party Promise - cheap
but tastes like Rocca Toon. "
by washed 0 April 24, 2005
A hook up at a party that is predetermined and everyone at the party knows it will happen
WOW, he really got with her, shes fuckin slammin

Yeah man, whatever, it was a drunk party promise
by A.West April 23, 2005
Lies that bush the punks made to get elected.

They invent self serving lies and other evilness to make their bullshit sound good and those lies are "party promises".
"The war in Iraq is under control".
"This will keep social securit solvent".
"I served as a fighter pilot in the national guard".
And, his worst one,
"I love America".
background - a party
definition - we are not enjoying ourselves

pre-party - ah, this ( the
party ) looks promising, i
think i'll attend . . . .
" this party looked promising, but we are
not enjoying ourselves - it was
obviously not a promise - it must have
been a PARTY PROMISE - . . . . THE
. . "
by washed April 23, 2005
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