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When you drop a deuce after a night of partying and your crap smells like alcohol.
Man, I just took a mega party poop.... I guess I was drinking vodka last night.
by Shpants November 06, 2010
someone who refuses to play by or accept established rules, norms, or mores
When it comes to keeping the city clean, blue-collar workers are notorious party poops.
When at a party with many guests , and having to take a dump, you dont want people knowing you're in there shitting , so you go in there , take a dump real fast , wash your hands , and get back out to the action b4 anyone suspects anything.Should take no longer than 3 minutes.
Hey carl , noone suspects that i just took a big shit , cuz i made it a party poop!
by Teflontomdosh May 30, 2007

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