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Partiac Arrest occurs after a long, hard night of partying.

Symptoms include blurry vision, disturbed balance, heavy sweating, and overall numbness.

The body usually shuts down temporarily, but in some odd cases, permanently.
Dude, it looks like Charger is about to suffer from Partiac Arrest. We better get him to a couch STAT!
by TITAN MCFOLEY June 02, 2008
When someone parties sooo hard that their body simply shuts down....temporarily or perminately.
GODDAMNIT! This man is suffering from one of the worst cases of partiacarrest I have ever seen....some one check his vitals. STAT!!!
by Charger McChurchdoctor May 27, 2008
Adj- Hard night of partying, where one wakes up feeling oh so beaten up.

Noun- Best local band Lafayette has to offer. Full of bodacious doods, and rockin' music
I woke up this morning with an extreme case of partiac arrest.

Man, last night I went to a Partiac Arrest show, it was most certainly the greatest.
by 8o$$ December 11, 2010
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