Huge Noob that is teh Greasy, The Greasiet Greasy Of all the Grease Balls
Other Nicknames of Parsinator

McGreaser, Greasy McJones, Grease Man, Greasanator, Greaszilla.
by Derdeen Inches March 29, 2005
Top Definition
Soldier United States Army. Last name is Parsley, one of the baddest dudes to walk the planet.
When it gets tough we will just call on the Parsinator to make a mess of things.
by epars001 November 15, 2008
the 1337est guy in the world. he plays all kinds of games under the alias's
1. *~Parsinator~* (at times a clan tag in front)
2. Parsi
3. Parsinator

he pwnz everyone in everything
by John Smith :-) January 17, 2004
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