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A word that can replace douche or douche-bag
1) Wow that was a pretty McJones move right there.
2) Dude that guy is a such a McJones.
by Loyderaken September 21, 2010
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a word used to describe anything and everything that is everything; a universal word that is stuck at the end of every phrase; word that can be substituted for anything just like the south park word "marklar"
"that's gay cock mcjones"
"stop being a faggot mcjones"
"i saw you cheating with mcjones"
by mcjones the wyyyyyyzzzzrrrrd February 11, 2008
Mcjones is used after a word to incorporate a more dramatic meaning.
Bob:"Hey did you get those TPS reports?"
Bill:"I had no time, I was busy mcjones all week!"

Stoner1:"This bud is seriously dank mcjones!"
Stoner2:"ZOMG! I almost jizzed mcjones everywhere when I smelled it!"
by buttsecks.mcjonesifson February 10, 2008

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