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A man in the persian culture who is notoriously known for being a taxi driver for many friends.

Parsas' drive all friends around.
Hey, I got parsa to drive us to the movies! Lehgooooo!
by Elahi July 02, 2011
A term used to describe a high achieving being who excels in every aspect of life and is said to be the 'life of the party' anywhere he goes.d
#1: Dude, everyone wishes they were him
#2: Dude, he totally fits the role of a Parsa
by Miked4days December 04, 2008
A name of persian/iranian origin.

It can be a girl or boy name.

Mostly common in boys, but girls with Parsa are so much more cooler.

Parsas are usually a little weird but really cool and fun to talk to.
You are a Parsa.
by dokhtarekermooni March 12, 2010
Broccoli (Brassica oleracea botrytis) in Finnish language. A mustard family plant, which clusters of green flower buds are eaten as a healthy vegetable.
I only eat parsa (= I only eat broccoli).
by Ohdake March 17, 2008
Troubled man who has tried to fix his problems with his own ideology to succeed in life
Dude, he was going through a rough time but that Parsa created a new way to cope with everything: A better way.
by xsoccerxxx October 18, 2010
the coolest girl ever, with booty too.
Damn, that chick was parsa!
by Mike June 26, 2004