A person that follows in the older generations foot steps without questioning it or adding anything of there own.
that 23 year old preacher is such a parrot.
by Deep blue 2012 October 06, 2009
This is a social media and/or message board personality who repeats information from other sources while acting as if they are liberating your ignorance with their brilliant intellect. The sources they rep are often total shit, and they display a pathetic understanding of the concept of critical reasoning. One particular example would be the modern evangelical conspiracy theorist, who repeats information from preposterously unreliable sources, adds no new perspective, and berates any detractors with parrot phrases such as sheeple, wake up, or best of all do your research. It does also apply to thoughtless fanatics of any persuasion, political, religious, sports, music, whatever - basically an arrogant recycler of information without credibility - often causing the opposite of their own intent by being so annoying that no one wants to consider the content of their message.
I tried to tell this fucking parrot that the site he always links to is only there to sell books and advertising, and that their biased perspective was not logical and in fact impinged upon legitimate concerns, but instead of considering what I was saying he just told me to wake up. Or - I wish these parrots would keep their mouths shut, because all they seem to be good for is feeding trolls.
by DWTW April 30, 2013
The act of a male placing his testicles on a unsuspecting persons shoulder who is sitting down. Also can be done by a woman who places one of her breasts on a persons shoulder. Feel free to make a parrot noise if you wish to put the cherry on top.

Also known as Parroting. Ex: I love parroting people.
While Craig was working on his computer, Greg sneaked up behind him and placed his parrot on his shoulder.
by GrumpyJunglist June 05, 2014
The act of a male putting his scotum on another person's shoulder. IE. How a parrot sits on the shoulder of a pirate. Usually in a joking manner.
Mike: Parrot!
Kevin: Dude get your balls off my shoulder!
by Malice Lonewolf April 26, 2012
v. - When a police officer or person overreacts and uses excessive force on an innocent bystander or individual.

ie. a dog, people having a snowball fight, etc.
Wow, did you see that guy go parrot on his girlfriend.

Molly, if you don't stop IM'ing me I am going to go parrot on you.
by FrankieC81 September 22, 2010
A repeating person that is very annoyingor a bitch
"stop talking you stupid PARROT.
by Dylan Fe October 16, 2008
Creatures who are prone to clinging to others while copying the actions and language of the subject (parrot). Work ethic is at a minimum and lying to impress others is at a maximum. Male-on-male contact is to be expected. Hot tempered and funny looking.
My little sister keeps copying me. I am afraid that one day she will become a Shrin (parrot).
by fuddlebutt August 20, 2004

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