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The goal of the parrot is for the man to set his full package (testicles, scrotum, and penis) upon an unsuspecting partners shoulders, just like a pirate. With the testes acting as the body and the penis acting as the head of the parrot. The man can add phrases such as; "Braaak, Polly wants a cracker"; "Yaarrgh"; "I want to plunder your booty" and so on.
"After I showered, I was looking for my hairbrush in the cabinet under the sink and my husbands parrot landed on my shoulder."

"I gave my wife the parrot and said that she looked just like Blueballs the Pirate."
by telemarker August 15, 2009
The act of giving someone the Parrot is when you drape you penis over a unsuspecting persons shoulder and with 1 arm reach around and hand them a cracker so they can feed the bird (penis on their shoulder)
Why do you have crackers in your pocket? wait until i drink Taeghan is going to feed the parrot
by Touge_Drifter October 16, 2012
After you are done having sex with a girl and she is sitting on the side of the bed putting her cloths on you stand up on the bed and put your junk on her shoulder and ask if she wants a cracker.
After I was done fucking that bitch last night I gave her the parrot.
by Paulie Parrot May 02, 2009
While a girl is on her knees throwing up into the toilet, a guy does her from behind.
Last night Brad did the parrot to his girlfriend... how nice that while he is helping her with sympathy, she was helping him with sex.
by KEVbaseball10 May 05, 2010
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