someone who is scared and/or paranoid
Yo...he doesn't wanna fight...he's paro.
by Tha Ambassador July 15, 2006
Top Definition
get paro means, to get drunk/pissed.
the state in which someone becomes after they drink excessive amounts of alcohol
guy1 ses: I wanna get paro
guy2 ses: Whats that?
guy1 ses: its where i get fucked off my nut and hook up with some fresh bitch then stumble home, only to throw up in the toilet
by ;)Doors Fan 0069 October 28, 2003
When a piece of software crashes, but doesn't give any notification. It simply disappears, with no warning, and no opportunity to save your work
Argh! That's the fifth time Microsoft Word parosed on me while I was trying to write this report!
by BigOlDave March 17, 2006
A dark and lonely place. It has been home to many different gangs and 'creatures' over the years. It is believed that this is where Satan was born. It was also the secret hideout of Jack The Ripper and John Lennon at one point. If you ever go to this place beware, anything could wander in while youre there, creatures like 'A Sharlack', 'A Razzer' or the razzer's older brother; 'The paulijoose'.
Man: I've heard some strange stories about 'Paro'
Guy: I hear that 'the devil' sometimes lurks in there
Man: yeah, and i hear theres a junkie pedophile that lives in there, the euvenetor.
by jappy jappy jappy January 09, 2011
basically it means to be paranoid.
"yo guy don't be paro...just hit this blunt!"
by Marianna September 02, 2005
People hang out on IRC cuz they dont' get enough paros
by parosFiend April 14, 2010
Synonym for "attractive."
"He's definitely a Paro."
by Teddy April 07, 2005
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