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A clear example of all that is wrong with the capitalist world. She is markedly skinny, rather airheaded, an example being her creating a dog clothing line (would someone please inform me what manner of idiot thinks thier dog either wants or needs clothing?). With her great wealth, she has managed to do absolutley nothing of any real merit; she has done some few things in the entirely useless industry of "fashion", which has never and never shall be of any use to anyone, ever. She is also known for being a women of loose morals, and for attempting to get the attention of the entertainment journalists by any means neccesary. She can be perhaps thought of as a media produced celebrity, viz. a person who obtains fame not for having ever actually done anything that is all that interesting in and of itself, but rather, by the design of the media, which continues to report on these petty actions until they seem important by sheer force of repetition.
More disturbing than Mm. Hilton herself, however, are those individuals who actually look up to her. I remain entirley baffled as to how, precisley one can look up to this capitalist swine. What is there to admire; the fact that she lucked into wealth she never remotley earned?; her looks? I remain at an eternal lose to understand these odd persons. Do they simply not know of anyone of real worth that they may look up to? Frequently, the Hiltonists will attempt to defend her with a list of her "accomplishments" and "merits", and will then proceed to state that those who feel revulsion for the emodiment of all that is wrong with the modern world must be jealous of her wealth, or are ugly, or some combination of these concepts. This is usually a source of amusement, bafflement, and sadness over how people can feel so attached to such an utterly worthless individual.
1. Entertainment Ecexutive 1: Ok, we found some girl that's incredibly rich, dumber than anyone I have ever met in my life, has been passed down a fortune from her rich father, and hasn't been able to keep her legs shut long enough to bother doing anything that might be remembered beyond 4-5 years.
EE2: Wonderful. So the Paris Hilton cloning program has born fruit. Excellent.

2. Would someone please be so kind as to help the Hiltonists find someone more deserving of thier blind loyalty?
by NapoleonIV August 12, 2006
Paris hilton is the most hottest and awesome girl ever to live. she deserves everythign seh has gotten i love her and she is the best person ever!
Paris hilton is so hot.
by nick March 21, 2005
A hottie who fat girls hate.
"I don't need to be skinny to feel good about myself. Damn you Paris Hilton, you make me and my twinkie habbit look bad!"
by Grazii December 24, 2004
Skinny rich chick I would love to pound. Made a fantastic video which im sure millions of men nationwide have whacked to AT LEAST once. Also star of a FOX show "The Simple Life," where she makes out with some ugly dude.
Guy 1 - Have you seen Paris Hilton's video?

Guy 2 - Yeah man, that movie gives hope to average sized men everwhere!
by Funnyman January 11, 2004
A sexy rich girl that women want to be and guys want to fuck. She's worth ~$300,000,000 and she's fucking FINE.
All of these dense teenage girls writing bad shit about Paris are just jealous that she's better looking and wealthier than they'll ever be.
A rich girl who doesnt deserve to be treated like shit just cuzz ya'll are jealous of her money and skininess.
Ya'll are jealous of Paris Hilton cuzz shes not 1/2 bad looking and is rich.
by Lex May 25, 2005
Who my mom compares me to, because of the clothes i wear and how im shopping all the time, and because i can be the worlds biggest blonde.
"Nikki ur not paris hilton, u cant shop all the time!" ~ my mom
by nikki April 19, 2004
The sweetest, funniest person EVER a.k.a. MY IDOL!!!!!
Paris Hilton Rocks!!!!
by SDFl;jk; May 03, 2005